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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Summer Party - Stilt walking and dance walk about

I was invited to perform alongside fellow performers Nicole Pearson, Claire Downey, Sebastian Velade and The Strong men; James Frith and Tony Phipps. The event was a cider fuelled festival summer party. Staff were told to arrive at the train station with wellies, warm jumpers and camping gear (a tent would be provided)...and the rest they would discover upon arrival!We performed a meet and greet with unicycle, stilts, juggling and acrobatics. They then went on to a giant circus big top and fun fair for a big party night.

 Elena Marina^
 Elena Marina^

 From Left to right: Nicole Pearson, Elena Marina
 Nicole Pearson^
 From left to right: Tony Phipps, Sebastian Velade, Claire Downey, Nicole Pearson, James Frith, Elena Marina
Nicole Pearson ^

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